Al and Nancy discuss Data and AI and its impact on sports

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Hosted by Al Martin, VP, Data and AI Expert Services and Learning at IBM, Making Data Simple provides the latest thinking on big data, A.I., and the implications for the enterprise from a range of experts.

This week on Making Data Simple, we have Nancy Hensley, Nancy is currently the Chief Marketing and Product Officer for Stats Perform. Nancy was the Chief Digital Officer at IBM.

 Show Notes
1:37 – Nancy’s bio

3:10 – Are we talking Money Ball?

5:52 – On Base percentage

7:08 – Analyse examples 

10:02 – Do you control the data?

11:24 – Out there statistics

14:12 – Can analytics go to far?

17:35 – Real time analysis

18:45 – Covid and sports

21:15 – Your role in sports betting

22:50 – What’s the most fascinating thing you’ve learned?

25:23 – What’s the future?

Website – Stats Perform

Money Ball

Stats Perform – Twitter 

Bill James – Baseball Abstract 

The Analyst 

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