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What You Need To Know About Apple ios 14, Curious?

Even though I’d been testing and playing with Apple’s iOS 14 update betas for months, I hadn’t offered much public commentary on the good, bad, or indifferent of the new iPhone operating system

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Earn More Money in 30 Days

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I thought I would post this because I feel deep down that there is something in this incredible bundle for each and every one of you. It peeked my curiosity from the start to the finish.

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Time and Space

Time and Space I know it sounds existential but I’m covering rest periods between workouts. Sometimes You can be so focused on your goals that you forget about taking care of your own self. Past… Read More »Time and Space


Online Gaming, the Good and the Bad

Video games are the best activity to burn leisure time. Parents are often concerned about the harmful
effects of playing video games. Addiction to playing games can result in high obesity and eye
problems, but your child will enjoy the ultimate benefits once you fix the playing hours.


A Moment of Clarity

Have you ever had that moment of clarity were your in a conversation and someone keeps referring to the word ‘Are’? What i mean is, They talk to you and constantly insinuate that what it is they’re speaking about belongs to BOTH of you