Time and Space

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Time and Space

I know it sounds existential but I’m covering rest periods between workouts. Sometimes You can be so focused on your goals that you forget about taking care of your own self. Past injuries or even unfinished business can cause you to put your goal on the sideline until things get sorted out. You may even over work yourself while your body  screaming for the rest it needs, it deserves. If your anything like me once I begin a project I grind and push continuously until its complete. If not complete then a big enough dent in it that I can go to bed and sleep easy or at least for the night. The problem with your rest period is the possibility of reforming old habits and having the strength to restart your program with the same angst that you left it with. Giving your body/goal the space that it needed to handle what ever it was that caused the minor set back allows you to remember why you began this journey in the first place. So Enjoy the time away and get back to your path….. with a fresh state of mind.

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